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Accounts receivable

Dealing with customers properly is vital to your business. You want to make sure that all invoices are paid, and you want to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the relationships with your customers in the event of possible problems. So preventing problems is our principle. But we're also there to help you with complex claims. We use a specialised approach based on a thorough knowledge of all of the possibilities.

• Effective accounts-receivable policy

Nothing is as annoying as having invoices go unpaid. It places a significant financial burden on your company and causes considerable frustration. Therefore, preventing such problems is an important spearhead in our recommendations. We have extensive experience in analysing all of accounts-receivable policy and making improvements wherever necessary. Among other things, we make an inventory of whether:

  • customers are addressed and dunned properly and deadlines are monitored;
  • legal rights of suspension are used optimally;
  • retention rights can be exercised;
  • general conditions are properly agreed to.


Despite these measures, situations can nonetheless arise in which invoices remain unpaid and the use of debt collection is unavoidable. Van Dam & Kruidenier has extensive experience in the area of complex debt collection, both domestically and internationally. If getting your claim paid amicably does not succeed, then we proceed to litigation and attachment as necessary.

Want to take care of the debt collection procedure yourself and save time and money by doing so? Often, the unpaid amounts are so low that outsourcing debt collection costs more than it yields. Furthermore, outsourcing debt collection is unwieldy and time-consuming. That's why we developed the debt collection tool IKCAS® specifically for the SME sector. With this tool, you yourself can collect claims of up to € 25,000 via the District Court. Click here for more details about IKCAS® and its benefits.

Questions? Bram Marcus and Aniek Thissen will be glad to help you further.


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Our office is located in Rivium business park (next to the Brienenoordbrug) in Capelle aan den IJssel. Parking space is available on the premises.


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